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15 Weird Concept Paper Topics That Will Make You Laugh

Some of you may absolutely enjoy writing, but all of us sometimes need a help with concept paper writing, and, of course, the hardest part is when deciding concept paper topics that would certainly make your output impressive if you’ve chosen the right one.

concept paper topics

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Factors in Writing a Concept Paper

  • Organization
    When you really know your topic, you would definitely enjoy what you are writing.
  • Introduction
    You should be aware of your audiences, who will be reading it. Your introduction should make the readers answer why they are reading your paper in the first place.
  • Body
    The body is where different aspects come in different paragraphs. A great body contains well-structured sentences with a fully cultivated point.
  • Transition
    A smooth flow of every paragraph is the best one to read where words, sentences or phrases connect to each other.
  • Conclusion
    This is the reflection part of a research paper.

Some Concept Paper Topics

  • How To Poop On A Date
  • Does God Ever Speak Through Cats?
  • The Nature Of Navel Lint
  • Do Cabbies Have Bigger Brains?
  • How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found
  • Bombproof Your Horse
  • Fruit Bat Fellatio
  • Knitting With Dog Hair
  • Dating For Under A Dollar
  • Teach Your Wife To Be A Widow
  • The Joy Of Chickens
  • Strangers Have The Best Candy
  • Fist-Sized Nugget Of Gold In The Garden
  • A Twinkling Eye Can Mean Many Things
  • An Asteroid And A Meteoroid Collide Near Earth

Places like that can help you to concentrate on concept paper writing tips:

  • The library – because you’ll be surrounded by thousands of books and you may find inspiration
  • Coffee shops are another option. It’s peaceful and a coffee plus some other snacks can make you productive.
  • A public park has a huge space to offer. If you want to relax then, nature will help you in keeping your mind fresh.
  • You can also write in a museum near an inspiring painting.
  • If you want a change of view, you can go to shopping malls, find a nice bench and start writing.

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